About us

Before you read any further please realize that the contents of the website are in German (other than this Homepage). Therefore, if you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask at info@old-stars.com   This page is designed to provide you with a brief synopsis of the club and to let you know that everyone is welcome.  You can concern yourself with the finer details of events later on.   

This association is made with three specific goals in mind – to play sports, to have fun, and to be given the opportunity to socialize with a great group of people.  If you are one of these people you will thoroughly enjoy the club.

Many sports are offered including the following: ice hockey, football (soccer), table football (fussball), inline, and more.  We play both friendly games and tournaments, but whatever the case may be fun is the biggest goal.

The Old-Stars also organize extracurricular events such as ship parties, steam beer brewery visits, bowling, badminton, and ice running.

We also believe in playing a role in community service.  We support three different organizations – WorldVision Project, Animal Assistance in Ratingen, animal sponsorship at the Duisberger Zoo.

The active membership gives full access to the sporting activities and you also have the privileges of the passive member.

Soccer: The cost is 25 EUR per month.
Bowling: The cost is 12EUR per month

Icehockey: On demand

The passive membership keeps you informed of all the events and allows you to participate in various activities including Lotto betting pool, e-mail address access, coupons and ‘profit plays’. The cost is only 3 EUR per month. Some extracurricular events are an additional cost.

If the above appeals to you and you would like to become a member, or you simply would like to inquire further, please contact info@old-stars.de